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Government Support

We are woman, veteran and minority-owned. We are registered in SAM. Our NAICS codes are: 541612, 541611, 541618 and 611430. Our PSCs/FSCs are: R431, U001 and U009.
HR4NON-PROFITS is ecological conscious. We are 508 compliant. We purchase, recycle, reduce and reuse products to protect and preserve the environment.
Federal Government Clients Include:
  • US Marine Corps Headquarters
  • US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • United States Coast Guard Academy

We have delivered training at the Pentagon and Quantico. We have also provided strategies, services and solutions to clients in rural parts of the country. In addition to on-site training, we provide on-line training.

Broad and deep expertise:

The HR4non-profits team has experience in employee relations, conflict resolution, mediation and grievance management which includes, but is not limited to investigating and handling the following: EEO and sexual harassment (heterosexual and homosexual) claims, No FEAR Act and Whistleblower training; climate assessments, employee surveys, ADA investigations to assess accommodation needs, undue hardship and validation of submissions; age discrimination; national origin discrimination; retaliation; favoritism; theft; hostile work environment; constructive discharge; discrimination allegations based on religious practices; abuse and improper reporting of vacation/sick/PTO time/leave; discrimination claims based on pregnancy or perceived disability; ethics, conflict of interest and Sarbanes Oxley violations with vendors, employees and family members; performance management, breach of privacy and confidentiality; HIPAA violations; inconsistent application of disciplinary action; violence in the workplace, social media offenses and abuse, the unauthorized use of company/agency property; worker’s and compensation claims; EEO/Title VII, diversity, leadership development training and organizational development.

Client feedback and comments:

Our clients consistently rave about our performance, expertise and capacity in delivering on time, with excellence, and beyond expectations. We attribute this success to the complement of solutions, strategies and services delivered by an outstanding team of experts. The relationships with our clients are handled with the highest level of privacy, protection and confidentiality.

White House

“For three hours, Ms. Dear made topics like EEO and Sexual Harassment interesting. Her presentation and the way she grabs and sustains our attention are impressive. Very professional lady.”

Please call our offices for more information. Our office number is 630.830.4443.

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