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Keynote Speaking

Team members of HR4NON-PROFITS are frequently called upon to speak at various workshops, retreats, conventions and seminars. Our talented, dynamic and engaging consultants often speak around the world on a variety of topics and themes. Our objectives are to inspire higher performance, challenge the status quo, ignite innovation and transform organizational dynamics.

Why? If there is a slight shift or a paradigm shift in any of these areas, it will translate into greater employee retention, increased revenue, profitability and efficiency and greater customer loyalty.

Some of the events where we are typically asked speak include:

  • Annual Conventions
  • College and University Forums
  • Women’s Initiative Events
  • Panels
  • Diversity Events
  • On-Site Training for departments or teams
  • Trade or Association Conferences
  • Leadership Summits

Some of the topics we have presented include:

  • The Future of Diversity and Inclusion
  • The ROI of Strategic Diversity
  • Green Leadership
  • Men-centered Mentoring
  • The Leadership Landscape of Women
  • 7 Things Non-profits Must Do Now
  • Leadership Upgrades
  • 7 Things Organizations Should Learn From The Recession
  • Creating a Global Presence with Local Resources
  • Stewardship and Governance
  • Why Non-Profits Fail and Why They Succeed
  • 3 Things Every Board Must Do
  • What Are the Outcomes?
  • Why Logic Modeling is Critical to Proposals

We would love to speak opportunity, possibility, power, energy, urgency and action into your next event. Please call us at 630-830-4443 or email us at


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